Admin App: Agile, flexible and secure cloud data management

Back4App allows enterprises to rapidly build and scale applications by developing their backend infrastructure plus inimitable APIs for them and also offering advanced functionalities and cloud-based productivity tools like a cloud database with API, cloud functions, third-party integrations, push notifications, and more.

Given that you are building an enterprise application and storing data in a database, you will probably have to manage this data using a proprietary database management system. Though there’s no problem using a proprietary database management interface for performing queries, filtering content, and executing CRUD operations (i.e., creating, reading, updating and deleting objects), it may become a problem when someone with no technical expertise and no familiarity needs to carry out these tasks. The reason being, the advanced database management tools are specifically designed for developers, which can be challenging and sometimes dicey for non-tech users to use, depending on the query performed.

For instance, Back4App’s cloud database management tool is pragmatically intended to make the developer’s life easier to build and manage a scalable database. But exploiting the capabilities and versatility of the said tool can be too intricate for anyone with no prior technical background. That’s why we decided to go beyond the usual and developed a straightforward interface called “Admin App” that is simple and highly productive for users, even the non-techies, to leverage its prowess recurrently.

By adding the feature “Admin App” together in the company of previous ones, Back4App is serving the purpose of proffering an excellent user experience to administrations who control different aspects of the application: product managers, salespersons, marketing staff, operations staff, financial departments.

What is an Admin App?

Use cases for Admin App for Enterprises

1) Optimize Internal Processes

This intuitive and user-friendly UI is thoroughly optimized for data entry, manage workflows, make validations, and other processes, so exercising it continually in the course of high call volume won’t affect your performance and productivity in any way. Through this web-based admin portal, operators can view and manipulate clients’ data, app/site metrics, and various tasks of your enterprise, thus supercharging your internal processes and ensuring you maximum productivity.

2) Manage your Product

3) Build Real-time Custom Reports

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